"A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies...The man who never reads lives only one." - George R.R Martin

26 January 2012

Seriously why isn't there a helpline for people who buy books all the time? I've just bought two more (even though it was with a gift certificate!) but that is two more books added to my moooosive TBR pile. If I stacked all the books I have yet to read around my room it would be like swimming in a pool full of books but sinking more and more with every movement. I am drowning in books. And of course this isn't a bad thing but I have so many I want to read...but I'm guessing the moral of the story is to read more and read faster, right? Anyway the two books I bought were two of Terry Pratchett's discworld novels. I'm reading the first one now (The Colour of Magic) and I have nooo idea why I didn't start these earlier! They are so funny and so different from the usual fantasy novels. And Pratchett must have one hell of an imagination to conjure up a world that is a disc and rests on the back of four elephants who rests on the back of a giant turtle who slowly moves through space. I've only read 64 pages but I can tell I will be hooked and now I'm totally re-thinking the Terry Pratchett challenge and the total of books I put down to read. I thought of reading just five over the year but that could well spiral out of control so I'm thinking I'll put down twelve (a big jump I know but I can tell that this series will have my attention for quite a long time!). So I have the first five books of the series then four others dotted throughout the series but I still have some more money on my amazon gift certificate to spend! And I'm also going to make it my mission to trawl all the charity stores in Swansea to see if I can pick up a few (but more likely I'll just buy some more random books)! 

Anywaay I have had a jam-packed day trying to pack up the stuff that I'd brought home Christmas time from Uni. I have way too much time off (but have completely enjoyed doing nothing!) even thought I did have an exam and two essays during the beginning of the month. So beginning Monday my lazy days will sadly be over but my timetable isn't too bad. Mostly midday lectures and I have friday off so I'm pretty lucky (will mean one more extra day at home on the weekends!) I'm a complete home bird so I pop home almost every weekend and I'm really not into the whole student lifestyle! I hardly drink, go out a few times a month at most and spend most of my student loan on food (and books! but I am getting better). I like my salad and fruit so my weekly shops come to quite a bit! Anywaaay, I've been packing up all day. I will finally be reunited with my other books on sunday! They've been down in the flat, love 'em for a month and a half all alone with some of their friends on holiday with me. So they can all be reunited with one another and they can introduced to their new friends (haha!). I have a lovely big shelf going across the wall above my bed and most of my books are on there for show :) I'm also looking forward to going down and (this may sound sad!) counting the amount of books I have down there. I counted all the books that I have here at home and the total came to: 112! I have so many down the flat with me so I am curious to see my total as it stands at the moment (slowly growing!). Any idea how much books you own?

I'm off now to get some shut eye. I'm off out tomorrow with my girlies for a night out so I'll need a good nights sleep tonight because who knows what time I'll be rolling into bed tomorrow! I enjoy getting dolled up and having a boogie so I'm sure it'll be a good night!

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