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27 February 2012

Magical March Reading Challenge Sign-up Post

Oh no, here I go again! I've joined yet another reading challenge but I love fantasy books so this should help me read a few books that are sitting on my shelf staring at me shouting "Read me! Read me!" The Magical March Reading Challenge is hosted over @Room Beam Reader. The challenge consists of rading and reviewing works of fantasy, science-fiction or magical realism. They can't be re-reads; new books only can be counted (ebooks and audiobooks are acceptable also!) Throughout the challenge there'll be mini weekly challenge so it sounds like it'll be one fun month crammed with lots of fantasy books :)

So there are four levels:
  • Magician's Class: 1-2 Books Read & Reviewed 
  • Sorcerer's Class: 3-5 Books Read & Reviewed
  • Wizard's Class: 6-7 Books Read & Reviewed 
  • Grand Merlin's Class: 8+ Books Read & Reviewed
I've chosen Wizard's Class (!) and hopefully I'll complete the challenge but I've got alot of uni course books to read and some books to review (that I'll add to this challenge) so we'll see! March looks like it'll be one crazy month! So I've got a few books lined up that I'll hopefully read and I'll jot them down here (the one's that I can remember right now!) So join if you like the sound of it and go check it out!
  • Pool of Souls - Cheryl Landmark
  • Dance of the Goblins - Jaq Hawkins
  • The Dark Lord's Handbook - Paul Dale
  • The Firelight of Maalda - Melissa Douthit
  • The New Death and others - James Hutchings
  • Royal Assassin - Robin Hobb (if I buy it in time!)
  • Assassin's Quest - Robin Hobb (also if I buy it in time!!)

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  1. Ooh Wizard's Class!

    I love to see people choosing the two higher levels.. can't wait to see who all manages to make it through. I'm sticking with Sorcerer's Class... can't imagine getting more than 5 read, unless I go back and choose some shorter books.

    Glad you're joining us!


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