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25 February 2012

Review Copy Cleanup Challenge

When I saw this challenge I was like 'yeees, finally I have some motivation to read all my review books' and that is exactly what I intend to do now I've found this little gem of a challenge. The Review Copy Cleanup is hosted by the lovely ladies over at Nyx Books Reviews and Books, Biscuits and Tea who finally realised that they had piles and piles or review copies that were awaiting review (don't we all!) and bang! the challenge was born. During the duration of the cleanup (all of March to be precise) they will host a load of challenges and be very generous by hosting a ton of giveaways so this sounds like a lot of fun :) And when the challenge is finally all done and dusted they will hosted a super duper giveaway with a ton of suprises and goodies! I have five books to review so far, but I'm a sucker for getting more and more so hopefully I'll be finished with all of them before the month is out!

So here's the schedule for the cleanup for the month so if it all sounds amazingly fun to you please feel free to hop on over to the two blogs above and sign up! 
  • March 2 - Show Off Your Pile
  • March 9 - Cuddle Up With a Book
  • March 16 - Don't Be Such a Tease
  • March 23 - Mysterious Meet-Up
  • March 30 - Love Will Find a Way

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