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05 February 2012

A weekend of snow and sweets...

I have just returned from a lush long weekend back home (from thursday to today) and have enjoyed doing absolutely nothing (as usual!). I have spent the days playing on my ps3 (wrapped it up in a bunch of clothes as stuffed it in a backpack to take home!), re-watching the tv show Lost with my boyfriend and seeing some of my family. And another thing I've been doing is trudging through the snow that fell over night and through the day on saturday. We live on high ground at the top of a valley so when it snows, its snows big time. It didn't last too long as today it started to melt and turn into some disguisting slushy stuff (that soaked my Ugg boots through!). Snow looks so pretty though no matter how much I hate it! Here's a photo or two taken of a lane close to our house.

It was so, so, sooooooo cold. I woke up countless times throughout the night because it was just soooo cold (-8C at some point!!!). I spent most of the time snuggled in bed with hot water bottles, wearing a big fluffy dressing gown and fluffy socks. The nights were spent watching Lost with my boyfriend, munching on endless amounts of sweets (I have one hell of a sweet tooth!). We love Lost so its good to re-watch it again (we're only on season 1 so lots to go!) and I bought it last year for him for Christmas so we get to watch it when we want! There was so many unanswered questions though and watching it again just shows all those things that were left in limbo grrr and its so fustrating! The best bit about these cold nights though is the sweets. I'm trying to be on a strict diet too but the weekends are such a big FAIL. My favourite sweets at the moment are Rowntree Randoms (yummmmm) but I've had two packs this weekend and have so not been amused! I love the ice cream cone thingys they have in them and the two packs I've had there has been zero. I wasn't very happy. But I had a 50p mix up which consisted of a big bag of these yummy sweeties:
Mmmmmmmmm strawberries. I love these and wish I could just give the shop keeper a fiver or something for the whole box! But that wouldn't be very good for my tummy or my teeth haha. I love sour sweets though. Sour; face-twistingly sour sweets that are sooo addictive and make my tongue bleed after eating way too many. So bad I know but oh oh oh so good. Here are my favourite sour sweets that I used to get a pile of before school but I can't find them anywhere except online in big boxes (which is very tempting hmmmm):
Sour fruit tongues=yumyumyummmmy. I am so tempted now to buy a box of these....someone please give me a very good reason why I shouldnt....or why I should :) 
Anywaaay, I am now going to have a naughty night snack (low calorie...bleh) and watch some of my Bones dvd's before jumping into bed with my book (an ARR that I am completely enjoying; review to come soon!). It's a bit warmer here being close to the sea so hopefully I won't be waking up freezing cold in the night! No sweets for me tonight (or no snow here either). Just uni tomorrow. Grrr hate having to get back into a routine! Anyway, have you had any heavy snowfalls by you or just some bits of fluff? And have anyone else got a very sweet tooth? Night!


  1. I absolutely love those strawberries! Whenever I get a pick and mix at the cinema I always stuff it full of them!

  2. I think we have the same taste in sweets! I love sour sweets, and the strawberries too.


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