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14 March 2012

Review: 10 Ways to Kill a Cupid - Leigh Parker

I was sent a message by the author of this book, Leigh Parker asking if I would read and review it, and after I had read the blurb I was looking forward to it. I sensed its orginiality before I even began reading because I have never read a book about Cupid's before and haven't heard of any, so I was looking forward to when I could read it. It was a fun read and I finished it in two days because I wanted to know where the story would take me.

Here's my review of 10 Ways to Kill a Cupid:

This book was funny, witty and original. It also has a very surprising twist at the end that I totally wasn’t expecting. When I was sent the book to read and review I wasn’t quite sure if I would like it or not but I really enjoyed it. It was just fun. I loved the whole idea behind the story and thought it was extremely original. It basically documents Leigh’s attempts at being a Cupid, whilst trying to find the soul mate of the most antagonistic individual ever to inhabit the planet.  

The depiction of Heaven in this book was hilarious. Heaven isn’t quite what you except. Once you pass through the shiny pearly gold gates you don’t spend eternity lounging around on comfy seats, eating delicious grapes. Nope. You have to work. Yes, you heard me right. God has devised a very well organised system where those who ascend to heaven work for eternity. And you thought life was hard right?! There are three occupations that you can take up when you reach Heaven which consists of being an Angel, Reaper or Cupid. There are some little tests that you have to do to make sure that your right for the job but once you pass you are forever stuck helping those below on Earth. I loved this idea. I am not religious and not quite sure what I believe, but this hilarious depiction of Heaven tickled me.

The whole book centres on Leigh, a bitter little Cupid who is totally peed off when she is assigned as a Cupid to the most boring, hot headed, suicidal manic that is Natalie Macintyre. She cannot believe that she has been assigned to her that she actually goes and takes it up with God. There’s no messing with God. Leigh immediately dislikes Natalie and if she wasn’t terrified of burning in Hell (which she does think might be better than having to be Natalie’s Cupid) she would have quit. I must admit I was a bit taken back with Leigh’s hatred of Natalie (all explained of course) but I did want to step into the book and give the girl a good few slaps myself. You know your reading a good book when your emotions get stirred up all over the place; and this book did. I was angry at both of the characters one minute, then giggling to myself, then getting quite fed up of their constant bickering. The characters developed throughout the book, and at one point have done complete role reversals; just goes to show how much they impacted upon one another.

I liked the whole feel and tone of the book. It was fun, witty and sometimes I felt as if the narrator was really just sitting next to me telling me this entire story face to face. I felt as if it wasn’t too serious and that it was just a light hearted, sweet and fun read. It had me guessing in parts and surprised me in its conclusion. A great and original story, definitely worth the read.

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