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29 May 2012

Holiday! ♥

Wowee. I've been wanting to write this post for a week now so that I can show off and share with you all some great news! My boyfriend and I were talking around two weeks ago about wanting to go on holiday but I have no money so we were thinking that we'd have to go next year instead. Then he started teasing me about how he might book a weeks holiday for us both to Kefalonia, a Greek island that we had visited with my family last year for my sister's wedding. I didn't think much of it because he hates spending money! So I was so so surprised when he handed me the paper with all the booking details on and said we were going for a week on the 5th of June! Ahhh so amazing! I've just had to get some spending money together and I'm close to getting enough for it :) I cannot wait and the weather here is amazing at the moment and is just getting me even more excited! I've been loading up my kindle with some goodies to read on holiday but I'll take a paperback with me just incase so I'll have to go through my books and dig out a good beach read! At the moment I'm reading a set of eight books I bought last year in Kefalonia all about Greek mythology. We went to a quiz last year in one of the hotels so my boyfriend and I want a good chance of winning this year (we won last year but we were a wedding party of 20 so were cheating slightly!) so I'm swotting whilst reading all about Greek mythology, a subject that I love anyway. Here's a photo of the books. Aren't they the cutest little set of books?

Kefalonia is such a beautiful island with the most gorgeous scenery (check out the photos below) and many of you may have heard of the island because the book Captain Corelli's Mandolin by Louis de Bernieres is set in Kefalonia during WWII when the German's occupied the island. I haven't read the book but loved the film and they filmed it all over the island. Such a beautiful story set on a beautiful island.

Photos that I took last year except the last two as they are professional wedding photos. 
Click on the photos to enlarge them.

My sister is out there now with her husband for their anniversary and apparently the weather has been good one minute and then stormy the next! I really really wish that it stays nice atleast until the end of our holiday because I will be out there with the grumpiest boyfriend in the world otherwise! I will find stuff to do if it rains like read or just wander around the shops looking for books (I bought 12 last year so maybe I've bought them all haha!) but he loves sunbathing and the sea so fingers crossed for me please!!!

Are you going away on holiday this summer?


  1. Ooh sounds really exciting! I love Greek myths, so I bet those books are awesome! The closest thing I'm getting to a holiday this year is a week in Centreparcs with my mum and sister in September, because it's all I can afford!
    Hope you have a great time! :)

    1. My sister has been to CentreParcs twice now and think its amazing so I hope you have a lovely time :)

  2. Oh wow! I've only been to Sarti and Thessaloniki before but Kefalonia looks gorgeous! Have a great time Becca! I hope the weather stays warm as well :)


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