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30 May 2012

Sci-fi Book Recommendations Please...

So I've just finished my first play-station game on my PS3 since having it for my birthday last year. Mass Effect 2 was simply amazing and I loved playing every bit of it. It was a strange game for me to buy and get into because I've never really been interested in anything sci-fi as I'm more of a fantasy or history lover. But my brother was home one holiday and he always brings his PS3 down with a load of games and he was playing Mass Effect 2. I wasn't interested at first but after a while I realised it had a great storyline with some really good missions and quests (I played as the female Shepard, who isn't on the cover!). I was hooked and went around all of the shops looking for it before I finally snapped up a copy. Well its taken me a few months as I've been busy with uni and exams but I finished it the other day and now I'm hooked on sci-fi and when I get back from holiday I will be trawling amazon for Mass Effect 3 and some sci-fi books. But where do I start? What sci-fi are really good and worth buying? Well that's where I thought all of you could help! Do any of you love sci-fi books and can recommend me some good one's to start me off in the genre? I just loved the storyline of Mass Effect 2 so would love something similar if that's possible! Hope someone can help me out :)

Mass Effect 3 Trailer (female Shepard)



  1. Congratulations on finishing your game, I've never played it myself, I'm more of a PC gamer than console! There's a surprise for you on my blog! :)

  2. Thank you for the award lovely :) My brother has been nagging me to finish a game on my ps3 before buying another one and now I've finally done it. I love PC games too and I've got all of the Sims 3 games out so far! I love it and now that I've mentioned it I'm going to have to go play it haha :)

  3. My first suggestion would be The Sparrow. It's a great book. It's sci-fi, but the sci-fi is just the vehicle for telling the real story.
    So that's probably not exactly what you're looking for.

    Of all the places I can think of to start, I'd say The Caves of Steel by Asimov is probably the best.

  4. I love Mass Effect! Such great games. You are right, the storyline is totally awesome. And I love all the unique characters. I haven't played 3 yet, because it's not offered on Steam... sigh... but I will eventually. Here are some sci-fi recommendations: Song of Scarabaeus by Sara Creasy, Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card, Cassastar by Alex J. Cavanaugh.

  5. Thank you both for your recommendations :) Have checked them all out on amazon and have added them to my wishlist so that I don't forget about them. Allison, I can't wait to play the third game but will have to wait until my funds allow it! I didn't play the first one but loved the second one. A great game.


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