"A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies...The man who never reads lives only one." - George R.R Martin

02 July 2012

Half Way Catch Up...

Happy Monday :) I've seen quite a few people write similar posts to this one and I thought it a great idea. Basically as we are now half way through the year its time to check up on all of the challenges that I joined in at the beginning of 2012 and see how I'm doing. I joined quite a few so lets see if I took to much on board or if I'm doing okay so far.

Hmm I'm not doing so good on The Pratchett Reading Challenge hosted by Once Upon A Time. Oopsie. I went a little crazy at the beginning of the year and bought quite a few Discworld novels from charity stores and decided to finally start to read them. I had the right idea at the beginning of the year when I chose to read five books...but then upped it to twelve books! What was I thinking? One book down...Eleven to go!

1/12 books read.

I'm not doing quite so good with the Historical Fiction Reading Challenge either hosted by Historical Tapestry. I haven't read much historical fiction this year despite loving the genre and the ones that I have read I haven't been linking up to the website anyway...oops.

4/10 books read.

I joined this challenge too late so I'm participating unofficially but thought it good as a personal goal anyway. It's the one challenge I think I'm doing okay in at the moment as fantasy is my favourite genre to read. I decided to read between 30-50 books for this challenge but I think right now I'll decide on 35 and even that is a bit steep but we'll see how it goes.

14/35 books.

So all in all I think I need to get moving and read some books pronto!

34/50 books! Maybe I should have aimed higher, eh?

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