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20 August 2012

New geeky t-shirt goodiness! :)

I just had to share with you all two of my latest buys - some geeky t-shirts! I'm going through a little t-shirt craze at the moment and bagged these as soon as I had some money. They are both amazing. Love the Game of Thrones one and I now constantly walk around the house saying: Winter is Coming. The Big Bang t-shirt was bought not long after I bought series 1-4 of the series and I LOVE this t-shirt. Whilst wearing this t-shirt I now walk around the house singing the Soft Kitty song haha. I'm also eyeing up this amazing t-shirt, what do you think? I think its a must buy!

 (taken from here)

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  1. Oh my goodness, if I had the money I would buy every single one of those t-shirts! They're amazing! :)


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