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11 February 2013

Beloved Book Quotes #5

Welcome to my new weekly feature Beloved Book Quotes where every week I'll be sharing with you all a favourite quote, a new quote that I find interesting or even an old quote that has found its way back into my head after sometime. I'll explain what this quote means to me and what it may say about the story/characters in general and why it has been chosen.

Beloved Book Quote #5

 I thought I'd choose a soppy quote this week seeing as it's Valentines Day on Thursday. I'm a lover of fantasy and sci-fi but I also have a soft spot for gooey, soppy romance-y Nicholas Sparks books. Yes he is my guilty pleasure author. When I want to read something light and quick I read one of his books. My favourites are The Notebook, Message in a Bottle, The Lucky One and The Wedding. This quote is of course taken from The Notebook and I must admit I actually preferred the film to the book. It is one of my favourite romance films and I also love Dear John. I love this quote, I think it just sums up Noah and Allie's relationship. It is just so cute and I especially love the scene in the movie. I read his books now and again. I'm not one for chick lit but I do have a soft spot for his books. I really need to read Safehaven soon before the film is released as it looks really good! :)

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