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18 May 2013

Bout of Books: Day #5 Update!

Day #5

Currently Reading: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Douglas Adams
Pages Read Today: 326 pages
Books Finished Today: Stung - Bethany Wiggins & Mass Effect: Redemption (Graphic Novel)
Total Books Read: 4 = The Eternity Cure - Julie Kagawa (5*) & The 5th Wave - Rick Yancey (5*) & Stung - Bethany Wiggins (3.5*) & Mass Effect: Redemption (4*)
Thoughts: So yesterday was a pretty good reading day for me as I finished two books and started another. I finished Stung which I quite enjoyed despite a few niggles here and there. Definitely a fast paced read though so perfect for the read-a-thon. Soon after finishing that I picked up The Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy and it really is only a short book around 170 pages so I'm really hoping to get that done tonight and maybe finish another by tomorrow? Not sure if I can squeeze that in but we'll see! I also picked up Mass Effect: Redemption a graphic novel on my kindle. There's a Kindle Fire sale running at the moment mostly filled with graphic novels and I absolutely love the Mass Effect trilogy games so had to pick this up. It was my first graphic novel but I really enjoyed it and the illustrations were gorgeous and my Kindle Fire HD really showed them off. It was only short around 96 pages so flew through that one. But every page counts I guess and I think I'm doing great so far with four books under my belt! 

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  1. 326 pages in one day? Wow, you're doing great! Keep up the good work and enjoy your remaining books! :) *cheers her on*


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