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09 January 2014

2014 Bookish Resoultions & Reading Challenges!

2014! Wow! Time is flying by and I wish it would slow down sometimes. All of us book lovers know the saying - So many books, so little time - and it is so true. I feel like I have so many books to read (and yet I buy more and more) and there are some I'd love to re-read. Plus this year I want to try and squeeze in a 100 books which is going to be pretty challenging but hopefully fun also! To try and help me reach my goal and possibly mix up my reading a little this year I've decided to set myself some bookish resolutions and participate in a challenge or two. I've also set myself a few blogging resolutions as my two year blogoversary is coming up this month and I really want to focus more on blogging this year and post more reviews.
Bookish Resolutions
  • Discworld Challenge - I'd love to read more Terry Pratchett and I have a little collection on my shelf of a few of the Discworld novels. Also a new set of hardbacks have been released (and to be released) of Pratchett's books called the Discworld Hardback Library set. They are beautiful and I've pre-ordered a few already.
  • Graphic Novel Challenge - I read a few graphic novels last year and really enjoyed them. I'd love to start collecting some of the  DC's New 52 collection of graphic novels. I had Batman Vol 1: A Court of Owls for Christmas and I'd like to collect the rest in that series along with Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Catwoman etc. I'd also love to read some more Mass Effect graphic novels as it's one of my favourite video games ever.
  •  More Fantasy and Sci-fi - Fantasy is my favourite genre and I haven't read much Epic Fantasy lately so I really need to read more this year. I started reading some sci-fi last year and I'd also like to read more this year. I think I'm going to copy Regan from the booktube channel PeruseProject and try and read a large amount of titles off the NPR: TOP 100 Science-Fiction and Fantasy Books list. 
  • Re-read Harry Potter - I had the most beautiful box set ever for Christmas; the US Paperback Special Edition Harry Potter box set. I aim to re-read them sometime this year, possibly the summer with my gorgeous new editions. 
  • Re-read Tolkien - I haven't read The Lord of the Rings in a few years. Or any of Tolkien's work that is. Being a complete Tolkien enthusiast I must re-read something this year or get around to reading one or two of the History of Middle Earth books that I own. I love me some Tolkien.
  •  Finish Some Series - Enough said really. I start way too many series and never finish them. I must finish some this year; I must. 
Blogging Resolutions
  •  Write Reviews - Not just write reviews on time. Not just make notes right after finishing a book. And not just writing up the reviews I actually do write out. I actually need to write reviews. I'm a terrible book blogger as I am terrible with actually writing reviews. Plus when I do write reviews it takes me forever. I really need to be quicker with my reviews and make sure that I actually do write them.
  •  Organised Posts - I need to post more frequently, even if it means writing and organising posts a week beforehand. I hope to post at least one or two reviews a week, keep up with the weekly memes I participate in, come up with some original posts and just post regularly so you all know that I'm still here!

Reading Challenges
  • Dystopia Reading Challenge 2014 - For the second year running, Ula over at Blog of Erised is hosting the Dystopia Reading Challenge. I love me some dystopian fiction and I failed a little at this last year so I want to re-try it again this year. I also need to make sure I write the reviews for the dystopian books I read!
  • 2014 TBR Pile Reading Challenge - I need this challenge more than anything. My TBR pile is massive. Seriously my bookshelves are just jam-packed full of books that I buy and never read. This year I will try my best to read at least 30 books that have been on my TBR pile forever.


  1. Great goals and challenges for 2014!!! We have most of the same ones. I joined a series challenge and I want to read and finish around 15 open series. A little ambitious I know, but I have a lot of open series and I want to cut that down this year.
    I am also going to re-read Harry Potter this year. I re-read the first one in the last days of last year.
    Happy 2014 reading and good luck in all of your challenges :D.

  2. I'm participating in TBR Pile and Dystopia Challenge too, so good luck! :) One of my resolutions was to pre-schedule posts in advance to take off the pressure from blogging. I think it really helps. I also have problem with writing reviews, I post them weeks after finishing a book and it takes me forever to write one. Oh and I'll be reading Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings this year, too :)

  3. I have been meaning to read Discworld for ages, must get on that soon. And I am still rereading Potter (got stuck at bk 6). I am also tackling LotR for the first time this year, and am super excited for it, too. :)
    I hope you manage all these!


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