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18 February 2012

A day of food...yum!

This saturday was spent being a domestic goddess; I helped my two sisters make some yummy yummy scrumptiously looking (and tasting!) cakes and then I cooked a belated valentine's meal for my boyfriend that consisted of sirloin steak, chunky chips, onion rings and peas :) It was delish and I was so stuffed afterwards (still am!) that dessert hasn't been eaten yet (belgian choclate melt in the middle puddings). I thought I'd share some photos of my creations with you all but I must admit that the steak one isn't presented very well because I had already tucked in before realising that I wanted to take a photo of it (I just couldn't wait to stuff my face!). 
 (one tomato, one onion ring already consumed yummm!)

So today was a very productive day. I am not much of a cook at all, and couldn't be trusted to do alot of the stuff for the cakes (I mistakenly measured 700g of flour instead of 175g haha oops) but the steak has become a bit of a speciality and it is so delish yumyum. So this weekend has been a very naughty one food wise but mmmm it all tastes so good! Right I better be off I think my belly is ready for some pudding! 

Have you been baking any yummy creations at all lately? Do you enjoy cooking or just stick to the same old food? x


  1. I'm afraid that I can burn water.

    I do seem to be getting fascinated about books where the storyline revolves around cookery after reading The Kitchen Daughter.

    If you could recommend any books like that, I'd be grateful.

    1. I haven't really read anything that resolves around cookery but I was looking through some blogs and noticed that someday was reading a book called 'How to Eat a Cupcake'. It is a novel so here's the link for goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/12266205-how-to-eat-a-cupcake :)


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