"A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies...The man who never reads lives only one." - George R.R Martin

23 February 2012

My Kindle Epiphany...

Today I finally came to a decision about getting a kindle. I have realised that I'm missing out on some great books that are only out on e-books at some great prices and also the fact that I'm a poor student and most of my course books can be bought for free. So it would be silly of me not to buy the £89 so that I can test out new books and authors that I don't want to necessarily buy in paperback until I know what kind of book it is and if i enjoy it. I feel like I'm betraying my lovely books on my shelf but I will continue to buy new companions for them, visit them once in a while and just stare at them frequently. Like I said, it would be a great way of testing out new books, authors and even genres but I love my hard copies and when I really want a book I will buy it as a paperback or hardback. Since I was young my dream has been to buy a house and have one room solely dedicated to my books and build a nice little library. And I still will but in the meantime I can buy cheap books to have a little taster of some new stuff and also I will not have to spend a small fortune on university course books. Most of the stuff I study on my English lit course are classics and I did a little research and almost all of them are completely free! And a whole module next year is dedicated to shakespeare and I can get his complete works for the kindle for the stupid price of £1 odd! I'd save aload of money on books that I'll probably try and sell after I'm done with them so that's another reason why owning one would be great. Being a member of goodreads and starting a blog has also opened my eyes to the vast amount of e-books out there for such good prices that I'm missing out on and I could be reading alot more books if only I owned one. And also I am really enjoying reading ARC's given to me by new authors and it would be great not to have to read them in pdf form on my laptop! So the big question is how I'm going to fund buying one?! I have so many cute money pots scattered around my room that I've decided I'm going to dedicate one to my kindle fund and try and put a tenner in weekly or every two weeks and it'll slowly add up. Any extra money I earn too will be popped into the pot and I think by april I might actually be the owner of a kindle. It's quite exciting and it'll be fun testing out something new! And then I'll have to buy a cute cover and light for it :)

So, do any of you own a kindle? What are your thoughts about them in general? x


  1. I don't own a kindle but I am reading loads of ebooks on my iPad. I know what you mean about "betraying" your books, and when I first started reading ebooks I would alternate between ebooks and 'real' books, but now I mostly read ebooks. It's because the price is so much better, and as you say, with the classics often free! I'm also keen to read and review self-pubished books and most of them are ebooks :)

    Enjoy your kindle!

  2. I've had a Kindle for over a year now and love it! I try to do most of my reading on it but still end up reading a ton of paperbacks and hardcovers. Some books just aren't available on Kindle in Canada. But I love that I can wake up, roll over, buy a book and start reading while still in my PJs!


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