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16 March 2012

Game of Thrones RPG Preview

I just did a little dance when I found out this awesome news! And I had to resist shouting out YEEEES at the top of my voice (it is 1:45am here!) when it said that it'll be out in two months and on PS3 also! Woop. Obviously I'll have to save up to buy a brand new game but it looks awesome and great graphics too! My favourite games are Skyrim, Assassin's Creed, Dragon Age, Red Dead Redemption so this looks like just the game for me. And I love Martin's series and the HBO adapation so what isn't there to love? Hope all the combat stuff isn't too confusing though as the Dragon Age was just way too confusing and took me a while to master. This looks AMAZING and will probably put Skyrim on the shelf for a while (have been playing it non stop since Christmas!). So move over Skyrim there's a new game in town! Now all I need to get my hands on now is the Game of Thrones DVD and watch the second series at the beginning of April...

Do you like the look of the game? Will you buy it? And a bit off subject but what's your favourite game to play?



  1. I'm reading 'clash of kings' at the moment and loving it! But I'm not sure about this. I really like all things 'Dragon Age' game-wise. Will you do a review on it?

  2. I'm hoping it won't just be a combat game, I'm not too fussed on just fighting within a game but like a good story and quests to follow. When I get my hands on it in a few months I'll do a review :)

  3. If it feels like Dragon Age then awesome, DA was one of my fav ever games, still havent finished DA Awakening lol... btw I got the DVDs of the season 1, but since I invest a ton of time into reading the malazan books, not really having time to watch it yet :P


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