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26 May 2012

Kreativ Blogger and One Lovely Blog Awards

This post is way overdue! I was given the Kreativ Blogger award by Nikki over @inspire nordic and Laura @My Baffling Brain a few weeks ago and was so busy I forgot to write the post for it. I was reminded by it all after Eliza over @Ellie's Blank Book gave me the Kreativ Blogger award along with the One Lovely Blog award last weekend. Thank you, you lovely girlies for giving me these awards, such a nice little gesture :) You should all check out the three blogs listed above because they are amazing!

So all I need to do now is answer a few questions and provide you all with a few facts about myself and then find seven other blogs to pass the awards onto :) So here it goes: 

Questions (which I'm guessing is part of the One Lovely Blog award):

What is your favourite song?
I really can't pinpoint a favourite song because there's just too many good ones out there! I listen to a wide range of music but right now I'm loving Lana del Ray's song Blue Jeans and Video Games and relistening to The Fray and The Script. 

What is your favourite dessert?
This is such an easy question! Warm chocolate fudge cake with ice cream. Absolutely delish and I always order it if it's on the menu. They're usually ginormous pieces of cakes too so that's also a good thing ;) 

When you're upset, what do you do?
Eat and eat and eat. It's what I do when I get stressed too so when it comes to exam time and revision I'm usually surrounded with crisps, chocolates and my favourite sugary, sour sweets.

What was your favourite pet?
We've had so many pets but I am particularly taken with our little kitten Lottie who we've had since October. She is just so weird and is like a dog following me around everywhere. She's been to the vet today so has wanted quite a bit of attention to make up for her injections!

What do you prefer to wear, black or white?
I wear the two colours equally as I find black nice and classy, that goes with everything and white just looks nice in the summer with a little bit of a tan :)

What is your biggest fear?
Spiders. Be them insy winsy or massive. I just hate them all and something with eight legs cannot be trusted at all. I'm quite a bit of a scaredy cat but prefer to label myself as cautious. I hate bridges especially over water and fast roads. I don't like boats especially little ones! The list could go on and on but I'll stop myself now :)

What is your attitude mostly?
I'd prefer to have others describe my personality but I think I'm a little bit of a dreamer as I always look to the future and dream of what I could have if I worked hard. I've always wanted to be a teacher since I was younger so I'm very driven when it comes to my education and achieving my goals. I can be a little bit of a worrier though and like things to be organised (except my bedroom!)

What is perfection to you?
Reading a really good book in a nice comfy place with some nice goodies preferably sweeties :)

What is your guilty pleasure?
Having Ben&Jerry's! So bad for you but oh so good :P

Ten facts about myself (Kreativ Blogger award):

1. I am completely obsessed with Tolkien and The Lord of the Rings! I read the book when I was 10 but didn't fully understand it until a few years later but I was hooked anyway. I love the books and the films and cannot wait for the first part of The Hobbit that's going to be released in December this year!

2. Despite loving The Lord of the Rings, fantasy, sci-fi and ps3 games I am a proper girly girl. My favourite colour is pink and my favourite kind of style is shabby chic; I love old antique looking furniture and flowery patterns. 

3. I've wanted to be an English teacher since I was little. I love children and I love reading and writing so it was a no brainer really. And just look at the summer holidays you get ;)

4. I used to write stories when I was 6/7 years old. I had written around 100 at one time and I wrote them all myself and illustrated them. There's a few left now as alot of them were destroyed by water damage but they're so funny! Just goes to show I loved reading and writing from an early age!

5. I come from a big big family and I think there's nothing better. I'm one of five children; I have three sisters and one brother. I'm the youngest but one and I do love having older sisters and a brother to spoil me. I also have a gorgeous little niece and nephew who I love to pieces and always babysit (which I'm doing at half 9 tomorrow morning for some compensation money wise of course!)

6. I love history especially ancient history. I've just finished a book set in ancient Egypt and its picked my interest again so I've lugged a massive file filled with stuff on ancient Egypt that my boyfriend gave to me a few years ago. I'm especially interested in Cleopatra. 

7. I speak fluent Welsh and have gone to a welsh school since I was 3 right through until I finished my A levels. I love being able to speak the language of my country (even though I've been a bit shabby at it since I left school 2 years ago!).

8. My dream for the future is to get a job as an English teacher and buy a nice big house with a big kitchen (even though I can't cook!) which has a big island counter in the middle of the room. I must also have a big study where the walls are covered in bookcases filled with books and even though I have a kindle I will never stop buying books so that my dream can come true :)

9. I have quite a girly taste in films beside my favourite being The Lord of the Rings and also loving Pirates of the Caribbean. My favourite of all time is possibly Dirty Dancing or The Notebook. Just such lovely films that I can watch over and over again and never get bored of them.

10. My favourite Ben&Jerry's flavour is Half Baked. It is just soooo tasty and I love getting a big spoonful of chocolate brownie and cookie dough in one bite! Yum!

So here's a few of the bloggers who I've decided to give the awards too. You should all visit and check them out (I might have also cheated and split  the two awards!)

I thought I'd just list a few names and you can choose to accept both awards or either if you've been given it before :)
Nikki @inspire nordic
Laura @my baffling brain
Angela @the little blue pig
Diantha @colloquy by diantha
Catherine @the book parade
@aderyn wood



  1. I think it's fantastic that you're fluent in Welsh! It's a beautiful language befitting such a beautiful country.

  2. Thanks! I love half baked Ben and Jerry's, it really is the best flavour! I can't stand spiders either, even the little tiny ones! Every time I see one I let out a shriek, it's really embarrassing!

  3. Hi Becca .. congratulations on your award .. and I love that you speak fluent Welsh - having two languages helps enormously through life - wish I had that second one. I'm sure your dreams will come true - and it's wonderful your still following your passion ..

    Cheers and a very happy rest of the weekend .. Hilary

  4. Wowzers! You speak Welsh! That is SO AWESOME! Welsh is such a cool language :D
    Ooh, I really want to watch The Notebook, it looks like such a sweet movie!

    Thank you so much for passing on the awards to me, Becca! I'm so honoured you thought of me! Okay, off to get on with doing my post now - thanks again!

    Catherine :) xxx


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