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23 May 2012

Bout of Books Recap

Well I failed. Abysmally. I started out with some good achievable goals and thought that I could do it as I had been on quite of a roll lately reading books in one whole sitting and within a few days. I started out good but after the second day it all went down hill! I just seemed busy busy busy and went to bed absolutely shattered and not in the mood to read. Then I went away over the weekend to stay with family and had no time to read at all except for half an hour in bed! It obviously was just not meant to be and everything got in the way! Even though I failed to reach my personal goals, I did have a great time in the beginning looking at everyone's goals and then joining in a few of the challenges. I would definitely sign up for another Bout of Books read-a-thon but maybe set a few more realistic goals and set aside some proper reading time (and make sure I'm not swept off my feet constantly doing stuff!). It's such a great idea and I will try alot harder for the next read-a-thon. Here is the link to my original post just incase you want to check out what I had planned!

Books I read:
 (3/5 stars - review to come, so behind with quite a few!)

Books I started:
 (I started The Scorpio Races but sadly couldn't get into it at all! Have put it aside for now and will maybe try it again some other time but I'm not sure! Liking Graceling so far though!)

Total Pages Read: 478



  1. Hopefully you had some fun and get to join us in August! :)

  2. Mockingjay was so poor compared to the others wasn't it?!
    I hope you join in next time :)

    Here is my Bout of Books overall progress.
    Lauren at Northern Plunder.


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