"A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies...The man who never reads lives only one." - George R.R Martin

29 June 2012

Booking Through Thursday #4

Is it that time of the week already? I know its technically Friday now as it is 00:41am but I totally forgot about this post! I love this meme so didn't want to miss it out :) Booking Through Thursday is a weekly meme where we all answer a particular question and this week's question asked by Margaret is:

Who taught you to read?

My Mam. She is a complete bookaholic and loves to read herself so it was inevitable that her children would grow up loving to read also. Out of us five children she has instilled the love of reading in four of us, so not shabby I say. Despite being a busy mother with a night time job she always made time for us when it came to reading. She says that I used to love her reading Thumbelina to me before bed and she would get so annoyed as I would request it night after night after night. Our house has always been rammed full of books and I just think a house without a book is so bare now! I just love to read and I know that that passion stems from my mother who took the time and patience to help all of us children with our reading. Thank you Mammy :)



  1. Awww, Becca, this is SO sweet! <3 It's absolutely lovely that your mother nurtured such a love for reading ;) It's the way it should be ^^ You're very lucky! and OMG... <3 Thumbelina! I did that TOOO when I was small! Well, not with that particular story, but with another...

    Vivian @ Vivaciously, Vivian

  2. Both my mom and dad loved to read, and all 5 of us kids read. Starting early is the key to a child becoming a book lover!!

    Here's My BTT

  3. My older brother had to babysit us for our single mom. We spent HOURS in the library and all became avid readers.

  4. I like to think my boys read because I read to them too. I house is still crammed with books, as a matter of fact I'm trying to figure out what to do with the stack I just brought home. For years I would pass along my books to my niece, but she now has an e reader, and her husband hates books on bookshelves. I just keep sending her daughters books, because I can't imagine those girls not reading. What an awful life that would be.


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