"A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies...The man who never reads lives only one." - George R.R Martin

29 June 2012

I have a job! Well...not quite.

I haven't posted in a few days as I just haven't found the inspiration or time to write a review or a post. Well, I have all the time in the world seeing as it is the summer holidays and I don't go back to uni until October...but I'm just too lazy. Over the past few days I've been hell bent on finishing Mass Effect 3 and I finally did last night. I really enjoyed it but was so confused and a little let down by the ending but it was a good game nonetheless. Now I can get back to finishing some of my Assassin's Creed games or Skyrim, or even spending some more time reading as I just get too obsessed whilst playing games! 

Anyway I had some good news this week. I've been looking for a job for the summer but just can't find something suitable or just never get the job I apply for. I spend everyday in the house on my laptop, playstation or reading and even though I love doing nothing except what I want to do, I really do need to do something worthwhile this summer. So I've managed to get a weekly position as a volunteer at our local cancer charity who has just opened up a new clothes store. It is only for a few hours a week but I think it'll really help me with looking for other jobs in the future, help me with my key skills and people skills and help me do something good with my free time over the summer. I did a shift today filling in for my grandmother who was unable to work and we were quite busy sorting through clothes and didn't have too many customers. I've never had a job, despite my age (20!) as I've always been focused on my education and getting to uni so I think this will really look good when I apply for small jobs sometime in the future. 

It's too late now for me to write up a review but I'm off to the optician's tomorrow as my glasses are just not strong enough anymore for all the reading I do, spending time on the laptop and ps3 etc. Not looking forward to spending money but it has to be done! I do want to be able to read until I'm 101 (or older!)

Oh and I just wanted to share with you all a photo of Lottie who I'm calling Conehead the Barbarian at the moment as she has been to the vet to be spayed and has had to wear a plastic cone until Monday! She is so funny and cute with it on and really grumpy as she hates the visit to the vets. Since this photo was taken Lottie has visited the vet once again for a check up and is now wearing a much smaller cone as it was stopping her from eating and was making her very very grumpy!

Lottie AKA Conehead the Barbarian :)

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