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13 June 2012

I'm Home!

Boo. I stepped off the plane last night and was greeted by the cold wet weather so common in Wales! It was such a shock from 30 odd degrees celsius in Greece and I only had shorts and a vest on as I was stubbornly still in holiday mode! I've had an amazingly wonderful time. It was such a lovely week and the weather was just perfect and absolutely scorching. The food was just scrumptiously delicious and I probably ate my body weight in naughty but yummy food. We just lazed around on the beach every day where I sipped on frappes and read quite a few books on my kindle! I have also come back with the most amazing tan if I can say so myself. I might possibly be the most tanned that I have ever been! 

Anyway, hello all you beautiful people! I must be honest and admit that I have missed the blogging community while away! I've missed just spending time looking at everyone's blogs and seeing their most recent posts and joining in all of the weekly memes. As much as I miss the sun, sea and sand I am looking forward to sharing my recent book buys and netgalley approvals (so many amazing books!!) with you all and getting back into the swing of blogging and posting a few book reviews and maybe (just maybe) a few author interviews!

Coming back to reality has been a bit of a shock but I have some amazing memories and some great photos so check out a few here (as you can tell I'm a bit of a poser!) :) 

 (All photos taken by myself)



  1. Glad you are back! And you are soooo lucky!! I have always wanted to go to Greece!

  2. Thank you lovely :) It was a lovely holiday and I would definitely recommend some of Greece's lovely islands as holiday destinations. Just so beautiful and full to the brim with history and mythology :)

  3. Wow! The colour of the sea and the sky is just beautiful and sunshine...you look like you had an amazing time. Great photo's too.

  4. It sounds like you had a wonderful time! The pictures are lovely, beautiful scenery :)

  5. Hi Becca .. looks wonderful and gosh we could do with some sun! I'm so pleased you had such a lovely time - great place by the look of it ..

    Welcome back!! Cheers Hilary


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