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24 June 2012

Showcase Sunday #6

I haven't spent a penny this week on books but have still managed to get over ten ebooks for my kindle! The wonderful world of freebies. I downloaded quite a few books for my last year of uni mainly Shakespeare as I'm doing a full module dedicated to him next year. I also had Paradise Lost, Dr Faustus and a few others and they're just a fraction of the books that I need to read for next year! If I had any sense I'd start to read them all this summer to help prepare for my last and most important year in uni but I like to enjoy reading my own books in the summer so maybe my second year results in two weeks time will help decide for me what to do! Anyway, Showcase Sunday is a weekly meme hosted over @Books, Biscuits and Tea and here are some of the books that I got for my kindle this week :)

Kindle Freebies:

 The Honour of the Knights (The Battle for the Solar System) 
- Stephen J. Sweeney (Goodreads)
Spinward Fringe Broadcast 0: Origins (First Light Chronicles 1-3)
- Randolph Lalonde (Goodreads)
The Phoenix Conspiracy - Richard L. Sanders (Goodreads)
As you can tell I've gone a little science fiction crazy and have been trawling amazon for the past week looking for some good freebies. These three both had some good reviews so I thought I had nothing to lose getting them seeing as their free and now they've been added to my ever growing list of free books on my kindle that will hopefully be read sometime in this lifetime! I'm thinking I might set myself a mini challenge soon where for a whole week I read a certain amount of the free books on my kindle so maybe I'll do it this summer sometime :)
The Bend in the Sky - D. S. Morgan (Goodreads)
Another book accepted from the wonderful website that is Netgalley. This is yet another science fiction book (I am getting slightly obsessed now!) but it seems to be a bit of fun so we'll see how this one does against all of the other sci-fi books I've managed to collect over the past few weeks :)

Please leave your comments below so that I can view all of your posts for this week!


  1. We tagged you for Liebster Blog!:)

  2. NetGalley is awesome! Hope you enjoy your books! :]

  3. Awesome haul this week! I've not heard much of these but thanks for bringing them to my attention! Enjoy and happy reading! :D

  4. I've not read a lot of science fiction - but I would love to read more! :-)

  5. Oh wow, those Science Fiction books look great! I will have to check them out. Great haul! Hope you enjoy your new books. :)

  6. You would be smart to start on your Shakespeare books this summer! But you're probably like me in getting distracted and reading what I want and not what I should! Lol!

    Wow, your last year in uni? Congratulations! :)

  7. Awesome looking haul this week! Happy reading and enjoy!


  8. Origins looks pretty cool! I don't know the first thing about it, but I'll definitely go and check it out.
    Happy reading.

  9. Some awesome books Becca, I love it when Amazon has some great freebies, I'm always quick to snatch them up! Happy reading and thanks for stopping by! :)

  10. Thanks for stopping by! Looks like a great reading week ahead (:

  11. Oh I was just reading about Paradise Lost the other day - it was part of one of our courses at uni :) I hope you'll like the story!
    (and lovely freebies!!)


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