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01 October 2012

My October TBR List

Hellooo :) I can't believe that it is the 1st of October today! Absolutely crazy how time flies. I do love autumn though (not too fussed on the rain). I love getting all snuggled up in comfy pajamas and slippers when it is cold outside. I love wearing layers; big comfy jumpers, hats and scarfs. Autumn also signals that my birthday isn't far away (6th November I'll be 21!!) and Christmas is just on the horizon (exciting!!). 

I thought I'd do a post listing a few books that I hope to get through this month. I also love lists (weird, right?) so I love doing posts like this! I probably won't get through all of the following as I have a few university text books to read (boring) but I hope I get through quite a few! I'm currently reading Earth Girl by Janet Edwards and hope to be done with that in a day or two. I also need to fit in a few Terry Pratchett books before the year is out so they might creep up sometime this month if I have time! Let me know below what books you're planning on reading this month! :)

(click on the photos to go to goodreads)


  1. Pretties, all on my TBR pile for next year some time. I have way too many so I have no idea when I'll be reading them. :L

  2. I just read Rivers of London myself - enjoyed it, although perhaps not as much as I thought I would.


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