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04 November 2012

An Unexpected 21st Birthday Party...

My birthday is on Tuesday where I will finally be a proper grown up and turn 21 years old. I have a big, crazy family but I wasn't expecting much to happen. But last night unbeknownst to me they sneakily threw me a surprise birthday party! I honestly didn't have a clue to what they were all up to. I can't believe they managed to pull it off without anyone slipping up and giving the game away. I worked all day yesterday and I thought I was going out to enjoy a nice meal with my boyfriend as a birthday treat. But no, I was wrong. We stopped at my sisters house briefly and as I knocked on the door and it opened there was just a massive scream of SURPRISE! I was so shocked and had to stop myself from crying haha. It was such a lovely surprise. Everyone was there from my oldest friends and family. It was just amazing. But what was even more amazing was the birthday cake:

A LORD OF THE RINGS CAKE! Isn't it the best cake ever? Bag end, Gandalf and Bilbo. I don't want to eat it and cut it up. But it also looks so yummy! It is just the most amazing cake ever. Bilbo even has hairy feet! They all know me so well! 


  1. That cake looks amazing, I'm so jealous! I don't think I'd want to cut it up either, it almost seems a shame to eat it!
    Happy Birthday for Tuesday, I'm glad you enjoyed your surprise party :)

  2. Such a great surprise! ^^ Awesome, hope you had a blast! :)


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