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20 January 2013

Showcase Sunday #26

It's Sunday and that means one thing; Showcase Sunday a fun weekly meme hosted by Vicky over @Books, Biscuits and Tea. It's a great way of showing off what we've bought, borrowed and received this week.


New Bookcases:

 My two new bookcases yay! Obviously not all of my books are on there, but once they are I will do a few Bookcase Tour posts. Can't wait for them to be full of all of my books :)


I love these bookends! I bought them from Waterstones but they'll mainly just be for show because I'm sure all of my books will fill each shelf! They're so cute though I couldn't resist buying them!

Weekly Roundup:

ALSO, I've had an idea for another weekly feature; Character Casebook or something like that. Where each week I feature a character from a book or something and include some information about them. Not quite sure what to do yet maybe it'll end up being something completely different. What do you think?


  1. Ohh myyy .. so many things I love in this post! I love love love the TMI series and Glitch. They're all such amazing books - hope you love them too! I've been wanting to read Earth Girl for aages.. top of my wishlist right now so I'll be interested to see your review :)
    I love your bookshelf! It's so neat and tidy. I wish I had the space for two bookshelves .. instead I've got a few mismatched ones scattered around my bedroom!
    Thanks for stopping by my Showcase Sunday :)

  2. Your new bookshelves look great, and I like having a peek at other people's shelves! I am running out of room on mine, I might have to come up with a better book solution. Hope you enjoy your books this week!

  3. Omg, your bookends are so cute! I really want to read Earth Girl & Incarnate! Hope you enjoy them all! :)

  4. Yay for TMI, new bookcase (I need new one as well) and amazing book ends!!! So cute!

  5. Your book ends are PERFECT! I love fairytales <3 (and Disney like you know from my haul!) Also, pretty new bookcases! I need some myself, but there is no more space for them in my room. I'm going to buy some more once I get my own house (so looking forward to that part :p) Incarnate and Earth girl sound really good!

    Happy reading :D and new follower!

  6. First off: I WANT THOSE BOOKENDS! They're so cute. And I loved The Mortal Instruments series (though I have yet to read City of Fallen Angels) and I still want to read Glitch, Earth Girl AND Incarnate! :) I'm especially looking forward to your thoughts on Earth Girl, since I'm really intrigued by it but I haven't heard much about it. Enjoy all of these pretties :)

  7. I had some mixed thoughts on Glitch but I enjoyed Incarnate and LOVED the first few Mortal Instruments book. Hope you enjoy your new books! :) Love the bookends too.

  8. I love the Bookcases and the Bookends! I really want to read Glitch. I also have Incarnate on my shelf waiting for me to read it.

    Here's my Showcase Sunday!

  9. The TMI series. I own them too. Only have read City of Bones and this reminds me that I have to read the rest. Awesome haul and happy reading! :)

    Jennifer @ Dream Reads

  10. I adore those bookends! And I really need to get on this Mortal Instruments before the movies comes out!


  11. OMG!! I looooove those book ends! Sadly, I can never seem to need bookends! My shelves are over flowing! I envy that you have room for these two!! They are awesome!!

    Nice book haul too! Haven't read those but hope you love them!!

    Here's my STS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  12. I adore your bookcases! And your room! *.* Everything's just so pretty!


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