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05 February 2013

Top Ten Best Bookish Memories ♥

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

Reading The Lord of the Rings For The First Time

I can remember I was 9 years old and I had seen the first film The Fellowship of the Ring in the cinema. I can remember loving it, being scared of the Black Riders and being confused who was who with Aragorn and Boromir because they both had long hair! I went home and picked up a copy of The Lord of the Rings and read through it all. I don't think I understood alot of what was going on. I was only 9 years old! But from that day forward my Tolkien obsession has grown. I devoured the book, The Hobbit and others, which I do every few years. I loved each and every film, re-watched The Two Towers so many times that I knew every word, even the Elvish bits! I stayed up all night watching the Oscars and seeing The Return of the King win everything it was nominated for. And my obsession has grown book wise. Check out my Tolkien Obsession Post if you want to know just how obsessed I am! And since that post my collection has grown even more with collectors edition of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit books!

My 21st Hobbit Cake!

I was 21 in November last year and my family threw me a big surprise birthday party! It was completely a surprise and I had no idea of their scheming! I absolutely loved it even though I was tired after working all day. Once I'd wiped away some tears I was ushered over to the table to see my birthday cake. And then I cried some more! It was a Hobbit themed cake with Bag End, Bilbo and Gandalf. It was amazing. It also tasted amazing even though I hated to cut it up. My family know how much I love The Lord of the Rings so to know they took time to have a custom cake made for me was amazing!

Harry Potter = My Childhood (And Teens)

I grew up with Harry, Hermione and Ron; Hogwarts was my home. I was 5 when the Philosophers Stone was released and I can't really remember back that far, so I don't know if I read it that year but definitely a year or two later. My whole family was obsessed with Harry Potter! When the Half Blood Prince book was released my Mother, 3 sisters and I queued outside Waterstones and were the second in line! At midnight we were let loose into the store and picked up our copies of the book. My mother was on the radio and when we left everyone in the queue was clapping as my mother held up her book. It was so magical and funny. Then we all went home and each read a few chapters despite the time! When the Deathly Hallows was released it was like an era had come to an end. I loved the last book and the ending was perfect, I just wish there were future books! I'd love to go to Harry Potter Studios in London so that's the next thing on my HP list but I have visited Platform 9 3/4!

Being an English Literature Student!

Cheesy I know but the day I had my results and it was confirmed that I'd got into University I was ecstatic! It was amazing! I'm now in my third year of uni (my last year!) and I've loved it. I'm not your average student and I hate going out but I have loved the academic side and learning new things. I've studied some great literature and have realised that I love medieval literature and gender studies. I will miss starting a new module and learning new things but I'm hoping to go into teaching to become an English teacher so that I can make children as mad about books as I am! Might not happen for a year or two but hopefully it'll be in my future.

Reading A Song of Ice and Fire Series

Two summers ago all I did was read, read and read. My latest obsessions being A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R R Martin. I knew there was a new series called Game of Thrones starting on tv and friends had told me that I would probably love it. And of course I did. But I read the book first before watching the programme. I absolutely loved the books. They were amazing and definitely one of my favourite fantasy series. My whole family is obsessed with it too. We all have Game of Thrones t-shirts, hoodies and are all reading the books. I even have the shows opening theme tune as my ringtone! Yes I now, I am that geeky. I'm even doing my English disseratation on the series, that is how much I love it!

Buying my Baby!

No I didn't buy a baby in a shop! I'm talking about my first kindle which I bought last year. I had heard of Netgalley and seen how cheap some kindle books were and finally took the plunge. I used to say that I would never ever buy a kindle, that I loved physical books too much but I am now eating my words. I love having a kindle. Christmas time I also bought a Kindle Fire HD and it is ten times better. I love it and reading books on there is great with a light too (really helps when the boyfriend moans about the lamp on late at night!). It hasn't stopped me buying physical books. The fact that I'm reading ALOT is the most important thing right?!

Playing a PS3 Game & Realising Sci-fi is For Me 

I am not just a bookaholic I'm also a gamer. I have always had a game console ever since my brother bought my sister and I the first Playstation and we used to play Crash Bandicoot, Barbie and Spyro the Dragon. For my 19th birthday my brother bought me a PS3 and I played fantasy games on there until the day I picked up Mass Effect 2 and was transported into the world of sci-fi. It is now one of my favourite PS3 series and finally gave me the push to start reading sci-fi. I have read some amazing YA sci-fi books and I wouldn't have really picked them up if I hadn't played a great sci-fi game. More sci-fi please! Any recommendations?

Being a Book Blogger

Another cheesy cheesy moment! When I started blogging a year ago I never thought I'd become so attached to it! I have loved every moment especially the memes, writing reviews, meeting great new people and having lovely comments off people! Also one of the things that I love is receiving review books from Netgalley, authors and ARC's from publishers. It has been amazing!

Being a History Nerd

I thought this tied in with bookish moments seeing as I love historical fiction even though I haven't read some for a while. My family and I all love history and go on expeditions to different places to get our history fix. We love castles and seeing as Wales is full of castles we visit alot. Three years ago or so we went on a few days trip to North Wales and visited some amazing castles and went up Snowdon. I just love reading about history and knowing that I was standing in a place where all those hundreds of years ago historical kings and queens etc stood. Every year my sister and I also go and stay with our brother in London and visit some great places my favourite being Westminster Abbey and St Pauls Cathedral. I just love history! I also recommend that everyone who goes to London goes to the London Dungeon (if you don't get scared easily!). It was so much fun, scary and awesome and full to the brim with history!


  1. First, your Hobbit cake? FanFreakingAdorable!

    Second, Mass Effect? LOVE it! I've played them all so many times and never get sick of them. Also a huge fan of The Elder Scrolls & Fallout series. Have you played either? Great fun!

  2. I know the elvish in The Two Towers too, I've watched it that many times; it's my favourite of the three films.
    The only midnight release I went to for Harry Potter was the Deathly Hallows one, and I stayed up until about 3 in the morning reading it. I would have stayed up later, but I had work in the morning!
    I bought myself a Kindle Fire in October, and I've never looked back! I love it, and like you, I still buy paperback books. I tend to read two books at once now (one kindle, one paperback) which I never did before, so I certainly get more reading done!

  3. So many great memories! I love the cake! :) I have yet to read LOTR, I saw 2 movies when I was still too young and I barely remember anything.
    I went to Platform 9 and 3/4 as well, had such a blast!
    You sister's wedding is something out of Mama Mia movie, so great! :)
    Reading ASoIaF and getting a Kindle are two of my great memories as well.
    Nice list!

  4. The hobbit cake looks yummy! I had to show it to my bf so he can make me one for my birthday ;)

  5. The birthday cake is so pretty <3 I still remember how happy I was when I got a Beauty and the beast cake on my 18th birthday! :D

    Harry Potter, my love and I'm also a gamer! Great memories :D


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  7. LOVE Game of Thrones. My walls are plastered with Game of Thrones posters. I'm also a HUGE fan of all things LotR, Two Towers is definitely my favourite of all the movies. It's so handy to cart around like a hundred books all on your kindle/kobo or phone (which is what I do). Books are so heavy!

  8. Lovely list! I adore your cake :) I'm so glad you're enjoying school! Good luck with your final year!

  9. Your Hobbit cake is amazing! :-D And yay for being a gamer too! Sci-fi is great, I agree, and the Mass Effect series are my favourite games ever.

    This is a super list, I agree with so many of them! :-)

  10. That cake is freaking awesome! I know what my dream cake is going to be now....


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