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02 November 2013

Netgalley November Sign Up!

Netgalley November is a monthly event hosted by the amazing bloggers over at A Daydreamer's Thoughts, K-Books and Bookish Treasures. 

I'm so glad I stumbled across this as I desperately need to read and review some of the books that I've been approved for on Netgalley. I am so behind it is crazy so this is exactly what I need to give me the big push I need to get through some of my Netgalley reads. So this month I plan on reading the 7 books listed below but also write up reviews for a number of books I've already read.

Books To Read:

Taste of Darkness - Maria V. Snyder
Shadowplay - Laura Lam
The Almost Girl - Amalie Howard
Pawn - Aimee Carter
Resist - Sarah Crossan 
When the World was Flat (and we were in Love) - Ingrid Jonach
Witchstruck - Victoria Lamb

Reviews To Write:

Crown of Midnight - Sarah J Maas
Earth Star - Janet Edwards
Ink - Amanda Sun
The Shining Girls - Lauren J Beukes
Myths and Legends: King Arthur - Daniel Mersey

1 comment:

  1. You have some really great titles to look forward to!

    I have really noticed that my approval rating has gone done since Netgalley started to provide a percentage on my profile.I am really hoping that this challenge will ell me to tackle my Netgalley TBR and improve the situation.

    After the first week I am at approx. 50%. I don't know how close to 80% I will get ( my math's isn't very good) but I am aiming to read 8 books during the challenge. So far I have managed 2!

    My plan is to start with the recently published and work my way back through my galleys

    Now, if only I could resist the urge to request more titles...



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