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08 December 2013

Showcase Sunday #46

It's Sunday and that means one thing; Showcase Sunday a fun weekly meme hosted by Vicky over @Books, Biscuits and Tea. It's a great way of showing off what we've bought, borrowed and received this week.

New & Review Books: 

 The Bronte Sisters: Three Novels - Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights & Agnes Grey (Barnes and Noble Leatherbound Classic)
Taste of Darkness - Maria V Snyder (REVIEW BOOK)
Dodger's Guide To London - Terry Pratchett
Pawn - Aimee Carter (REVIEW BOOK) 
Dodger - Terry Pratchett

I couldn't resist buying the Barnes and Noble Leatherbound Classic edition when I saw it on the shelves. Isn't it gorgeous? I think I'm slowly going to collect these as they're so pretty and will look amazing on my bookshelves!


  1. Oh wow, I love the Barnes and Noble leatherbound classic it's GORGEOUS! I'd be too worried to crease it though and would probably only keep it on my shelves to look at... Hope you enjoy all your new reads :)

    My Showcase Sunday: http://www.pagetostagereviews.com/2013/12/sunday-post-17.html

  2. This leatherbound edition is gorgeous! You are so lucky to have it on your shelves :) I hope you enjoy all your new books

  3. OMG that Brontë book looks amazing! <3 I have one with golden edges myself, so so pretty! :D
    And Pawn! Cannot wait to read that one.
    Happy reading!


  4. OOoh very very nice! I enjoyed Pawn and absolutely LOVED Taste of Darkness! Hope you enjoy all your shiny new reads!

    Here's my STS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  5. That Leatherbound edition is absolutely gorgeous! I'd love to get it too! Me & the bf got one of those with all 4 Hitchhickers novels!
    Happy reading!

  6. That classic book looks so pretty, definitely try and collect them for your shelves :)
    I hope you enjoy all of your new books this week!

  7. The B&N leather bound books are so pretty!! I wish we had them here. I read and loved Pawn and really need to read a Terry Pratchett book. Enjoy!!!

  8. Oh.My.God. So jealous of you. I need Taste of Darkness like yesterday. That ending! I can't wait till I get my hands on it.
    Great haul Becca!

  9. Oh Becca you received some gorgeous books this week! I can't wait to start my copy of Pawn either. I have heard some incredible things so far. And how amazing does The Bronte Sisters look? Happy reading!


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