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25 April 2014

Dewey's 24 Hour Readthon: Books & Stuff

So this Saturday I've decided to do something a little crazy and participate in Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon. Yep I plan to try and cram in a full day of reading, with little sleep and lots of snacks - I'm thinking it should be a lot of bookish fun! I go back to work Monday after two weeks off so I just want a day of doing what I love best - reading, reading and reading some more. Now this is my first time participating so perhaps I'll surprise myself and do amazing and read a gazillion books OR I fail terribly and read a page or two - we'll just have to see. 

So as a Reader I'll be reading (hopefully) a lot of books, updating my blog here and there and participating in mini-challenges. It sounds like a lot of fun! Also I hope to visit a load of fellow "readathoners" throughout the day! 

Here's a selection of books I'll choose from throughout the readathon. I hope to read 4...we'll see.


  1. Thanks for joining us! I hope you have a wonderful time. And I LOVE your owls! I'm an owl nut.

    --Andi, Organizer

  2. Great pile for the readathon! I loved Attachments and Lola!
    This is my first readathon and I'm really excited!

    And love your blog!


  3. Good luck! You've picked some great books to read, can't wait to hear what you think of Poison by Sarah Pinborough - one of my favorite authors!

    Fi @ Bookish Outsider

  4. Yay, glad to have you on board! Let's have plenty of fun. :)


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