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14 October 2014

Top Ten Book Places to Visit!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

Love the theme this week! 

 1. Hogwarts @ Universal Studios, Florida - I really hope this can become a reality next year. I want to be a big kid and sip some butterbeer and just breath all the magic in!

2. Narnia (obviously fictional!) - Seriously, who doesn't dream of hopping into their wardrobe and venturing into Narnia?! It would be wonderful.

3. Dubrovnik, Croatia - Cheating a little here. Game of Thrones, the tv show is filmed in some amazing locations but Kings Landing, filmed in Dubrovnik looks so beautiful and Croatia looks like such a gorgeous place.
4. Hobbiton, New Zealand - Also another place I hope to tick off my list in the next year or two. The Lord of the Rings is my favourite book of all time and I absolutely adore the films so being able to go to Hobbiton, THE SHIRE would be amazing. Seriously I think I'd cry when I finally got there. My number one place to visit on Earth, ever.

 5. Greece - I've been a fan of Ancient Greece and its history for years. I've been to Kefalonia (another bookish place - Captain Corelli's Mandolin!) but I'd love to go to Athens and visit more of the islands including Crete. I just love how it's seeped in history and culture.
6. Egypt - I absolutely adore Egyptian mythology and Ancient Egyptian history. I'd preferably love to travel back in time to the period when Cleopatra was Pharaoh but I'm not picky!
 7. Yosemite National Park - There was just something about this part of the book that I loved. It seemed so wild and beautiful. After seeing photos of it I'm dying to tick it off my list next year (yes, a trip is in the works!)

8. Paris - Beautiful book and beautiful setting. Also not too far from the UK either. Perhaps I should hop on a train like in Just One Day to see the sights?
9. USA - This book was such a tragic and cautionary tale. But I loved it. It just evoked something adventurous in myself and inspired wanderlust. Just to stop what you're doing and going off into the wild seems crazy but so inspiring.

10. San Fransisco - I would LOVE to go here. Probably the city I'd most like to visit in the US. It just seems so quirky and beautiful. Hopefully another to tick off of my list... (big plans in the works if you didn't guess!)


  1. Oh you went for actual places! I'd love to visit Orlando, hopefully soon! It looks like an amazing place to spend time. I'd book a week or two, one day is not enough at all!
    I also agree on most of the others, Croatia is really beautiful, I really should take advantage of it being a neighbouring country and visit more. Greece and Egypt have always lured me as well, as did USA, especially SF and NY! <3
    Hogwarts is DUH :D And Hobbiton! So amazing it's real, must get there, too!

  2. I just finally bought Anna and the French Kiss and I look forward to reading it! I would love to see Paris and pretty much all of Europe. I would also love to go to Egypt! I can't think of any books I have read that were set there off the top of my head though. Fantastic List! Thanks for stopping by mine today!

  3. It's funny how much I'm seeing San Francisco! I almost said this too, but then turned it into CA in general because there are other CA places I want to see, though one of my fave series is set in San Francisco!

    And Hogwarts! Yes! Soooo want to go there! But would totally settle for the theme park! ;)

    Here's my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  4. I included Hogwarts and considered Hobbiton. I love that you want to go to the ones in Universal Studios and New Zealand, that's brilliant! (also Dubrovnik because of Game of Thrones is another great idea). Great list!
    Cassi @ My Thoughts Literally

  5. I've always wanted to visit Greece! I completely agree with you that any time period would be great. I wish it wasn't so dangerous!

    Ricki @ www.unleashingreaders.com

  6. New Zealand, Egypt, and Yosemite are definitely places I want to visit as well! Great list!


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