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12 October 2014

Showcase Sunday #54

It's Sunday and that means one thing; Showcase Sunday a fun weekly meme hosted by Vicky over @Books, Biscuits and Tea. It's a great way of showing off what we've bought, borrowed and received this week.

I'm back! For over two months I've really slacked with the whole blogging and reviewing thing with going on holiday, starting back to work and stuff. Trying to find the time and getting in the mindset has been a little tough lately and I haven't really been doing great on the reading front either. Anyway here are the books I've collected over the past few months. I'm really trying to cut down on book buying (which is really hard!) and maybe a few of the books here hints at what I'm planning for next year!

Into the Wild - Jon Krauker
The Road Headed West - Leon McCarron 
Remember the Alamo: American History in Bite-sized Chunks - Allison Vale 
The Giver - Lois Lowry
Half a King - Joe Abercrombie 
The Long Ride - Nicholas Sparks

Kindle Books: 
The Distance Between Us - Kasie West
Perfect Ruin - Lauren DeStefano
Where She Went - Gayle Forman
The Rithmatist - Brandon Sanderson
Dark Eden - Christ Beckett
Opposition - Jennifer L Armentrout
Your Round the World Trip Planner - Macca Sherifi 
Doon - Lorie Langdon, Carey Corp
Saving June - Hannah Harrington
With This Heart - R S Grey
Island and the Happily Ever After - Stephanie Perkins
Not a Drop to Drink - Mindy McGinnis


 Stitching Snow - R C Lewis
Salt & Storm - Kendall Kulper
The 100: Day 21 - Kass Morgan
Endgame: The Calling - James Frey
The Iron Trial - Holly Black & Cassandra Clare
The Book of Life - Deborah Harkness


  1. Great haul! Love the look of all your kindle books which some I have but haven't read any of them yet. Hope you enjoy your new reads :)

  2. What a fantastic haul! I have been wondering about getting Doom for a while myself, so I'll be keeping an eye on what you think about it! I hope you'll love Perfect Ruin, Not A Drop To Drink and Isla, I adoooored them!

    Happy reading Becca!

  3. Oh wow! Great haul!! Love that cover for Opposition, it's a bit different than the one I have! I like its darker vibe it's got going! And ooh Not a Drop to Drink! I bought that recently too! I have Doon waiting on my Kindle as well and just won the sequel myself! And OMG! Totally gushing over the cover for Where She Went! It's the exact same couple and "look" from the original Old Magic cover! I went gaga over that book when I was a teen!

    Awesome haul!

    Here's my STS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  4. Wow! You have an amazing haul! :) I didn't see that new The Giver cover yet, but it's looking pretty bright instead of the really grim face of the giver. And OMG Isla and the Happily Ever After!! Such great books~

    Cindy @ In This World of Books..

  5. What a great haul! I really want to read Half A King too, I keep hoping the library will get a copy in stock, and I've requested The Giver as well, so looking forward to hearing your thoughts on those.

    The Book of Life is a really good read, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

    Enjoy your week!

  6. I really enjoyed The Distance Between Us. I liked Perfect Ruin but not as much as I thought I would.
    Great haul!


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