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03 March 2012

On My Wishlist #2

On My Wishlist is a weekly meme hosted over @Book Chick City, where you list all of the books that are waiting patiently on your wishlist to be bought! I have so many on my amazon wishlist that I just do a pick and choose for this meme because I wouldn't be able to choose what one's I wanted most! So the books can be new, old or coming out soon. Hop on over to Book Chick City to also link up your wishlist post via Mr Linky :)

So here's the three books on my wishlist this week:
  • Magician (Riftwar Saga #1) - Raymond E. Feist: So I really don't know that much about this series and haven't read any of Feist's work before but I'm always looking for new fantay series to read and this looks like something right up my street. I'm curious to see what this is all about and how it may be different/similar to all the other works of fantasy around. I've read that its set in a medieval-esque world and I totally loved Martin's a Song of Ice and Fire series so it'll be cool to see how this world in particular is set. So if you've read this book/series please let me know more and what you thought of it!

  • Royal Assassin (Farseer #2) - Robin Hobb: I recently finished the first of book in the Farseer trilogy, The Assassin's Apprentice and completely enjoyed it. I really want to know what happens to Fitz and co in the next two books but sadly funds are low and unless I order them from my local library, I doubt I'll be reading them anytime soon (boo!). I also read that it would be very unwise to buy the second book without also purchasing the third, as it apparently leaves you completely hanging on a cliff hanger so I couldn't possibly buy just the one! I hope to read it asap but for now I'll just have to jump into a few more books!
  • Divorced, Beheaded, Died: A History of Britain's Kings and Queens in Bite-Sized Chunks - Kevin Flude: I've wanted this gorgeous little book for so long now! My sister has this book and its a cute little hardback filled with tiny little paragraphs of information of all the kings and queens of Britain. It is such a great look book of interesting information and I love history so this book would be just be perfect for me to own. There's also a whole collection of these books; another one is filled with little chunks of information about the history of Britain. I need them now because they'd look perfect on my bookshelf.

So there's my three books on my very very long wishlist for this week. What's on your wishlist? x

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