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02 August 2012

London Baby!

Hi everyone! :) If anyone noticed, I have been considerably absent from my blog over the past week and that is because I have been in London. I had a nice few days visiting family and went to some fab places. First, we went to see Batman (again!) in the IMAX cinema in the Science Museum. It was amazing to see it again and the cinema was awesome, such a great way of watching a film! We also went on a boat ride down the Thames, visited the Tower of London and was scared silly in the London Dungeons. The Dungeons were absolutely awesome, so much fun and I would definitely urge anyone who goes to London to go there. Very scary but so much fun! We were hoping to go to the Harry Potter studios too but we went to book online and it was completely booked up until September! BOO! So gutted! I did visit Platform 9 and 3/4 though again so at least I did something Harry related! I've also spent the whole week watching the Olympics. I officially have Olympic Fever and Team GB are doing amazing so a lot of fun to watch on telly and I'm the type of person who gets so hyped up and screams at the telly! Now that I'm home I'm going to write up a belated Review Copy Cleanup August Challenge post listing all the books that I'm planning on reading and reviewing. Also have you all seen the Kindle Reading Marathon on Amazon?! My finger is going crazy clicking buy, buy, buy and I already have a few new additions on my kindle! :) Showcase Sunday on Sunday will be absolutely heaving! 

 (Me at Platform 9 3/4, Henry VIIIs Armour with a very prominent codpiece, Tower of London - the White Tower and Tower Bridge with its bridge raised - Click to enlarge )


  1. I am so jealous! I am suppose to go to London next year, I should probably book my Harry Potter stuff super early!!

  2. Bonnie Rae - I would definitely recommend booking it. We were so disappointed that we couldn't go! Would have been amazing!

  3. Ahhh, London! I was there in April. I saw all of London except Camden in 2 and a half days and I was at Potter Studios as well, it was the best weekend ever and I can't wait to go back!

    I see you had a great time :D As one in London always does. ;)


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